The Temple of The Presence
Ascended Master Teachings

Goals, Purposes & Objectives of The Temple of The Presence

The goals, purposes, and objectives of The Temple of The Presence are to assist individual Lightbearers to become one with God through the Ascension; to proclaim and advocate the practice of the Ascended Master Teachings as a worldwide Faith and Religion; to foster a spiritual arena where Students, Lightbearers, Torch Bearers, Chelas, and Disciples can cooperate with the Ascended Masters’ initiative to sponsor an Activity operating directly under Their aegis, and where Lightbearers can actively engage in a greater level of World Service under the Masters’ direct participation and leadership; to foster an assembly of Disciples pledged to conscious cooperation with Saint Germain and His Plan to bring in the Golden Age; and to boldly uphold and proclaim the eternal Truth of Cosmic Law through the publication and dissemination of the Dictations and Discourses of the Ascended Masters in the written and spoken word, utilizing all available means to contact, nurture and enlighten Lightbearers throughout the world.