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Each album is available as an internet download of the audio files, or optionally as a DVD containing the files.
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Christmastide in Camelot plus Royal Presence, Royal Will Waging Peace with the Twelve Mighty Elohim plus The Rock Part I: Practicing the Presence of the Great Central Sun Visions of the Golden Age
The I AM Starry Body of Your Mighty I AM Presence Divine Providence: Celebrating the  Consciousness of The GREAT I AM Keep the Dream, the Sapphire Dream, Alive!
Royal Presence, Royal Heart The Helicon Solar Shield Cosmic Law on the Protection of the Holy Innocents
2021 Thoughtform of the Year: The Torch of White Fire! Home in the Heart of the Great, Great Silence The Sacred Sabbath Weeks  in The Love Star Retreat 2020
The Sacred Sabbath Weeks  in The Love Star Retreat 2021 Paradise Kingdom of Helios & Vesta, Plus Nature's Mother & the Five Lords of the Solar Pranic Breaths Resurrection Chariot & Homeward Bound! Final Ascent! Luxor Retreat!
Seven Sabbath Weeks in The Love Star Retreat II, plus Love Commanded and Commanding Nativitas Novas & All Things Bright and Beautiful Charity and the Path of the Emerald Matrix
Godhead Victorious & The Fiat Lux Moment Part II Sword of Truth: Razor's Edge of the Emerald Ray & The Truth of Cosmic Law The Seven Sacred Weeks in the Love Star Retreat & The Sacred Sabbath Weeks
Banquet of Ascended Master Love Harmonies of the Golden Age Royal Presence, Royal Mind II & Royal Cyclopean Power
Alpha & Omega Lux Invictus Jubilee & Hyparxis: Divine Spark of the Great God Flame Genesis of the Golden Age Crystal Chalice Jubilee: Raising The Temple Sacred Ritual
Crystal Chalice Jubilee Decree Service Lords of Praetorian Hosts & Angelic Citadel of the Great, Great Silence The Pharos of Hierarchy & When I AM Calling You