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Each album is available as an internet download of the audio files, or optionally as a DVD containing the files.
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Divine Providence: Celebrating the  Consciousness of The GREAT I AM Keep the Dream, the Sapphire Dream, Alive! Royal Presence, Royal Heart
The Helicon Solar Shield 2021 Thoughtform of the Year: The Torch of White Fire! Home in the Heart of the Great, Great Silence
The Sacred Sabbath Weeks  in The Love Star Retreat 2020 Paradise Kingdom of Helios & Vesta, Plus Nature's Mother & the Five Lords of the Solar Pranic Breaths Resurrection Chariot & Homeward Bound! Final Ascent! Luxor Retreat!
Seven Sabbath Weeks in The Love Star Retreat II, plus Love Commanded and Commanding Nativitas Novas & All Things Bright and Beautiful Charity and the Path of the Emerald Matrix
Godhead Victorious & The Fiat Lux Moment Part II Sword of Truth: Razor's Edge of the Emerald Ray & The Truth of Cosmic Law The Seven Sacred Weeks in the Love Star Retreat & The Sacred Sabbath Weeks
Banquet of Ascended Master Love Harmonies of the Golden Age Royal Presence, Royal Mind II & Royal Cyclopean Power
Alpha & Omega Lux Invictus Jubilee & Hyparxis: Divine Spark of the Great God Flame Genesis of the Golden Age Crystal Chalice Jubilee: Raising The Temple Sacred Ritual
Crystal Chalice Jubilee Decree Service Lords of Praetorian Hosts & Angelic Citadel of the Great, Great Silence The Pharos of Hierarchy & When I AM Calling You
The Shield of Elohim Advancements in Christianity Bethlehem DayStar
Bethlehem DayStar
Price $25.00
Sacred, Secret Kingdom The Milky Way Overture Lights and Perfections of the Great I AM