Romancing the Path I
Romancing the Path I

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Romancing the Path I
Experiencing the Everlasting Love Between You and Your God Presence!

Teachings to Help You Realize and Fall in Love with Your Real God Identity � Your I AM Presence � and Achieve Completion, Wholeness, and Bliss!

1999 Valentine's Day Conference, February 12 - 14

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How do I open my Heart? How do I choose the right partner? How can I heal the hurt and scars from previous relationships? What exactly is a Twin Flame or a soul mate? And how can I attract them into my life? During the Valentine�s Day weekend of February, 1999, the Ascended Masters answered these questions and more, delivering incomparable insight into all aspects of Love and relationships � from the human to the Divine! Discover the greatest, most perfect, most blissful loving relationship you can ever have in this or any lifetime: the Divine Romance with your very own God Identity that, if embraced fully, will lead to union with your Twin Flame. Learn how to �marry� your I AM Presence � and achieve the permanent Love, Wholeness, Joy, and Happiness your Heart has always yearned for!

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