Conclave Events, October 8, 1998
Conclave Events, October 8, 1998

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Discourse: Ascended Master Culture delivered by Anointed Representative® Monroe Julius Shearer

Dictation by Beloved Lanello: Be Filled with the Desire for God delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Dictation by the Beloved Great Divine Director: Attuning to Your Divine Plan delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded October 8, 1998

The Holy Christ Self is the doorway to the Fullness of the Mighty I AM Presence. As we move into the Golden Age, the Masters envision a closer association with mankind through the Holy Christ Self taking its rightful dominion over the lower bodies. In order for us to achieve God Consciousness, we need to live in that Consciousness constantly. Part of the approach of the Masters to making the Teachings widespread is a wholesale renovation of the culture in which we live. The plan is to lower the ideals of Ascended Master Culture so that the Teachings become the norm of existence. Most of mankind is unaware of the etheric plane, and this allows the Masters to maintain Retreats and Cities in that realm. The Masters can dial the frequencies of their Temples and Retreats in and out of the gross physical with little effort. In this way, they are lowering the full-blown Way of Ascended Master Life and, as it approaches so close to the physical, it allows us to tap into it. We can visit these Retreats in our etheric double at night and awaken with the remembrance of our experiences there.

Lanello reminds us that, even as he walked among us as Messenger, his attention was always on God. As he delivered Dictations and looked through the eyes of the Masters, he was aware of the Consciousness of the horizon of their gaze and envisioned himself in the Ascended State. The only goal in his sight was God. Now he extols you to desire God above all else. The Light of the Ascended Masters is available to every lifestream to reinforce their own momentums. No matter how much karma you feel you have mounting, it is possible to make your Ascension, for there is no amount of karma that cannot be balanced by the Violet Flame and Service to Life. Keeping your focus on the I AM Presence allows the Holy Christ Self to guide you, keeping you from harmís way. It is time to look at the world with the eyes of your Holy Christ Self. This is the Joy of the Path. And when you are able to perceive the Joy, you perceive the full Abundance of God.

Many are aware they have a Divine Plan, but are unaware how to direct the Light as it moves through their bodies. When you have established a certain momentum of spiritual Attainment, there is the necessity to place your attention on each of the Seven Rays and evaluate your life in accordance with the fulfillment of the God Qualities on those Rays. As your evaluation advances and you keep in mind your goal of Divine Direction, you will gravitate to a particular action on one of those Rays. The Call is the key that compels the answer. If you apply the Law of delivering the Call, your Holy Christ Self will open the door and, before you are aware, you will have stepped through the door with your Holy Christ Self and be filled with the Light from your own God Presence. Then you will understand that the fullness of your Divine Plan is within the Abundance of God, and all of your life will begin to orchestrate without you lifting a finger. This is possible when the Light of your Heart expands and reaches to the level of your Holy Christ Self and God Presence.