Sunday Service, February 18, 1996
Sunday Service, February 18, 1996

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Discourse: Reunion With Your Holy Christ Self delivered by Anointed Representative® Monroe Julius Shearer

Dictation by Beloved Kuthumi: Stand With Me As a Healer Of The Soul delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded February 18, 1996

This inspiring Discourse will help you realize just how very much your own God Presence and the Ascended Masters love you! Before you desired to be one with your God Presence, your Presence and the Ascended Masters held this desire for you. They want to place the robe of your Holy Christ Self over you, and for you to wear that dignity and righteousness of your Christ Consciousness twenty-four hours a day while in embodiment - and for all eternity after the Victory of your Ascension. Jesus' parable from Luke of the return of the prodigal son illustrates that the minute the inclination of your life turns to your God Presence, your Presence immediately responds by welcoming you back home and bestowing upon you all the riches of your Divine Inheritance.

Coming on golden wings from the Great Central Sun, Kuthumi brings you a Dispensation of healing, so you might feel the Peace and Love of your God Presence and experience that Oneness flowing through you. Speaking of the importance of co-measurement with the vibration of your Holy Christ Self, Kuthumi states that knowing your limitations and coming back to the Altar of your Heart is essential training for the Ascension. You must know the real God within you. Kuthumi encourages you to be joyous in all things and to enter into the Oneness of the Light. Infuse your bodies with the Light, and you can heal the planet. If your world is full of Light, there is not one individual whom you come in contact with that you do not heal. All of Life will gravitate to that healing Light and be raised up. Kuthumi accomplished that Mission, and he holds the Flame for you to stand with him as a healer of the soul.