Diamond Heart of the Godhead Charioteer plus The Resurrected Christ Presence
Diamond Heart of the Godhead Charioteer plus The Resurrected Christ Presence

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Plus Selected Releases from Acropolis Sophia:

2023 Easter Conference and Acropolis Sophia held in Tucson, Arizona,
April 5 16, 2023

Available as audio download or DVD of audio files

Teachings from the Ascended Masters to Help You Liberate the Diamond Heart of Your Own God Flame Allowing It to Accomplish Its Perfect Work in Your Life!

When You, the Godhead Charioteer, Allow Your Own Great God Flame to Reassert Its Divine Authority Throughout Your Life, Then You Will Know Only God Purity, God Perfection, God Will, and God Victory! Streaming forth the Dazzling Radiance of their Diamond Heart, the Goddess of Purity and the Great Divine Director sponsored the 2023 Easter Conclave. During this cycle, the Great Divine Director, Jesus, Alpha, Saint Germain, Cyclopea, and other Ascended Masters presented powerful Releases of their Light, Momentum, and Instruction to give you an understanding of the Diamond Heart of your own God Flame, and how this Flame can establish Divine Control within your four lower bodies and your entire life! Learn how the Emerald Ray is essential to the Action of the Diamond Heart. Realize the divinity of your own Heart Flame. Listen as the Divine Director reveals the recipe for maintaining Christhood, Cyclopea schools you on dealing correctly with negative conditions, and Archeia Aurora teaches you how to build a Momentum of God Consciousness. With the Radiation and the Reinforcement of your God Flame, your Fiery Divine Destiny will be fulfilled! This essential album also contains eight bonus Releases from the accompanying Acropolis Sophia.

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