Godhead Victorious & The Fiat Lux Moment Part II
Godhead Victorious & The Fiat Lux Moment Part II

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The Godhead Charioteer®:
Victorious in the Central Sun & On Earth

Plus Acropolis Sophia:

Part II
The Charging Forth Coming-To-Be of The Presence

2020 Harvest Conference and Acropolis Sophia held in Tucson, Arizona,
October 7 – 18, 2020

Just as Your God Presence Has Given You Life, Will You Give All of Your Life Back in Love to Your Own God Presence? Will You Allow Your Presence to Achieve Its Divine Victory Through You? During the 2020 Harvest Conclave, in an elaboration of The Temple’s Holy Day of Godhead Victorious, Mighty Victory, Nada, Kwan Yin, Jesus, and other Ascended Masters presented powerful Releases of their Light, Momentum, and Instruction to accelerate your communion and identification with your God Presence as your Real Self. It is their desire to assist you in allowing your Presence to work through you to establish its Kingdom upon Earth. And during the accompanying Acropolis Sophia, Vesta, Surya, and Sanat Kumara, and other Ascended Masters presented invaluable instruction on co-operating with your Presence in the co-creative Coming-To-Be of God. Understand the Victorious Consciousness of the Godhead Charioteer®. Discover the mystery of the Third Secret Ray of Divine Sacrifice that leads to the Christed Radiance. And learn how Saint Germain’s Cloud can help you precipitate your alchemies. With 38 remarkable Releases, this double album will help you achieve a new expanded awareness of your Selfhood that will lead you, step-by-step and Victory by Victory, into the greatest Coming-To-Be of all — your Ascension in the Light!

You may click here to download a PDF version of the liner notes for the DVD album.