Royal Presence, Royal Heart
Royal Presence, Royal Heart

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Realizing the God Dominion of Your Presence

2019 Harvest Conference held in Tucson, Arizona, October 9 Ė 15, 2019

Available as audio download or DVD of audio files

Teachings from the Ascended Masters to Help You Attune to the Heart of Your I AM Presence and Accelerate God Dominion in Your Daily Life!

Why Wait? Let your Royal I AM Presence take its God Dominion Over your Life Now, and Receive the Blessings of Every Good and Perfect Gift that God Desires for You!During the 2019 Harvest Conclave, Nada, Saint Germain, Lord Maitreya, Lord Himalaya, Cyclopea, the Goddess of Light, and the Goddess of Liberty presented powerful Releases of their Light, Momentum, and Instruction to help you expand your awareness of the Authority, Power, and God Dominion of your I AM Presence over your four lower bodies. This album contains all 14 Discourses and Dictations delivered during this magnificent Conclave, plus 2 bonus Releases. Realize that you are the Holy Temple of your Mighty I AM Presence. Understand why your Individual Presence knows itself to be the Supreme Authority over all life. Discover how to attune to Divine Direction and how to become the Christ Light! Let Nada school you in fully opening your Heart, and learn from Cyclopea how to discipline your thoughts and feelings. These Releases invite you to enter the Royal Heart of your own Royal Presence and experience the God Consciousness of Limitless Power, Dominion, and Mastery that will bring Godís Divine Goodness and Perfection into your life and into this world!

You may click here to download a PDF version of the liner notes for the DVD album.