Genesis of the Golden Age
Genesis of the Golden Age

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2016 Freedom Conference held in Tucson, Arizona, June 29 - July 3, 2016

Available as audio download or DVD of audio files

Teachings from the Ascended Masters to Help You Cultivate the Genesis of Your Own Golden Age of One that Will Ignite the Entire Earth into a Golden Age!

Will you join the Holy Kumaras and all who serve on the Secret Love Star in holding the Single-Eyed Vision of a New Earth as “Freedom’s Star” ablaze in the Light of Saint Germain’s Dawning Golden Age? These Releases are your invitation! During the July 2016 Freedom Conclave, Lord Gautama Buddha, Lady Master Venus, Vesta, the Goddess of Purity, Cyclopea, Surya, and Saint Germain himself shared their Light, Vibration, and Momentum while presenting in-depth instruction on “meeting the parent” of your own Individualized I AM Presence of God, and on the Dispensation of the Great Outpouring of Cosmic Light that is the Hope, the Promise, and the Impetus for the Golden Age. Discover how to expand your God Consciousness and fulfill your Divine Destiny. Understand God Love and Purity. Learn the importance of seeing only God Perfection. Enter Akasha with Surya. The Radiance of the Secret Love Star is waiting to assist you. Drink it in and become an anchor point to ignite the Golden Age in Hearts around the world!

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