Lords of Praetorian Hosts & Angelic Citadel of the Great, Great Silence
Lords of Praetorian Hosts & Angelic Citadel of the Great, Great Silence

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plus Acropolis Sophia: Angelic Citadel of the Great, Great Silence
Golden Ladder Twixt Heaven and Earth

2016 New Year's Conference and Acropolis Sophia held in Tucson, Arizona,
December 30, 2015 - January 10, 2016

Teachings from the Ascended Masters to Charge You with the Light and the Momentum of God Quality of Each of the Archangels!

The Lords of Praetorian Hosts, the Twelve Archangels, charge you with their Light to bless, heal, and protect you! But understanding their Nature and Service is crucial to allowing them to draw ever closer to your conscious awareness. These Releases are your key! During the January 2016 New Year’s Conclave and subsequent Acropolis Sophia, the Twelve Archangels, Gautama, Omega, El Morya, and the Goddess of Light revealed surprising and invaluable new information about the True Nature and role of the Archangels and Archeia and their Legions. This double album contains every Discourse and Dictation presented during this momentous twelve-day cycle, including the first Dictation by Purusha, the “Archangel of The Presence.” The Dispensation of the coming of the Archangels was intended to reinforce and accelerate your attainment by their assistance, helping you stand as a Pillar of Fire consciously entering into Cosmic Service with the Angelic Kingdom — thereby anchoring a greater Momentum of Light upon the Earth to propel this planet into the Golden Age!

You may click here to download a PDF version of the liner notes for the DVD album.