Fountainhead of the Great God Flame
Fountainhead of the Great God Flame

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Fountainhead of the Great God Flame: Unfolding the Wellspring of God's Heart

2013 Freedom Conference held in Tucson, Arizona, July 3-7, 2013

Cloaked in mystery…locked in enigma…inscrutable to the outer consciousness…the Great God Flame has never been truly unveiled and understood — until now! During the 2013 Freedom Conclave, Saint Germain, Omega, the Goddess of Liberty, God Harmony, Lord Himalaya, Mother Mary, Rose of Light, and Archangels Michael and Shaddiel gave unprecedented instruction on the Heart Flame of God. Learn how your self-sourced God Flame is a window into The Good. Follow the progression of the Realms of God Reality, and how, stage by stage, your God Flame unfolds its Divine Intent. Examine the attributes of your God Flame, Presence, and Threefold Flame. These Releases are your pathway to the wellspring of every Blessing that your Presence desires for you. They will inspire you to exercise your God Freedom and claim your true independence as the Individualization of God. Internalize them and forge your Divine Destiny!

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