Moments In Eternity
Moments In Eternity

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Moments in Eternity

Restoration of Your Divine Memory
A Celebration of Eternal Being and of Coming-To-Be

2011 Easter Conclave, April 20 - 24, 2011, Tucson, Arizona

2 DVD album of audio files for playing on your computer or iPod, consisting of 33 hours of material including a number of Releases prior to the Conference

As time, space, place, and condition hold no limits for your God Presence, they can hold no limits for you! Stretch your mind, expand your emotions, and be lifted into the Consciousness of Eternity! During the 2011 Easter Conclave, an unprecedented floodtide of Light was released as the Ascended Masters initiated new momentums and levels of awareness of God. These Discourses and Dictations will galvanize you into the Higher Consciousness required to turn over a new leaf, grasp a new God awareness, and participate in Godís Great Family in all of the Moments of Eternity in which your Presence abides. Come explore Eternity, where past, present, and future are One. Know the Destiny your Presence has decreed for itself! Celebrate your Eternal Being and Coming to Be. The tremendous Power of the Consciousness of Eternity can be yours through these Releases!

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