Sunday Service, November 14, 2010
Sunday Service, November 14, 2010

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Discourse: You Are a Being of Light delivered by Anointed Representative® Monroe Julius Shearer

Dictation by Beloved Lady Master Nada: The Bliss of the Divine Outpouring of God Love delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded November 14, 2010

Light with a capital "L" is the great outpouring of God Consciousness. This Light of God Consciousness is blazing within your Heart. Now is your opportunity to decide that you will live in the Light and the Consciousness of God and refine your sensitivities so that you are able to feel the outpouring of Light, of Perfection, of Purity, of Beauty and magnificence from the Great Central Sun. How wonderful to have that choice, and how glorious to reenter the Light that is the Consciousness of the Presence. For your destiny as that Presence is to not only be the recipient of Light, receiving it into your world and living in realms that are self-luminous with that Light - but, reunited with your Presence in the Ascension, to be the Source of that Light. When you enter into that fount where Light is coming forth, that is the mystery of the Affirmation "I AM Light!" For in that Affirmation, Light is produced. And as you enter into that sense of your Presence as the Source of that Light, it means that your Presence and you are a being of Light. Your Presence knows itself to be an infinite wellspring of Divine Light.

Sealing you in God Love, Lady Master Nada instructs you on proving the Law of your own Identity in God. When you are engaged with the Heart of your Presence daily, you understand what it means to have your chalice filled; and that communion is the greatest blessing of all of life. And it prepares you for life - you stand on the firm foundation of God Love ready and willing to move into all initiations and cycles that your Presence has prepared for you. Nada asks you to let your desiring be to stand within the Presence of God. Then you will understand the bliss of being in the present moment of life, engaging in life, loving life, and drawing the life force of your own Presence into your life. Nada commends you to your Presence and the streaming Consciousness of the Heart Flame that will tether you to the Allness of God throughout all the days of your journey, carrying you into the Ascension, and preparing you for all that would come according to your Presence's desire. Let the Love of God be the all in all of your life and you will know the bliss of life as you are.