Sunday Service, July 25, 2010
Sunday Service, July 25, 2010

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Dictation by Beloved Lord Himalaya: Bathe in My Momentum of God's Will delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded July 25, 2010

Lord Himalaya announces that you can attain more of God's Presence in your life. There is always more of God to realize. You must make that decision to be within the Presence of God. You must have the awareness of your own vibration, taking stock of who you are and how you approach life. What is it that absorbs most of your time and attention? What do you wish to gain as a result of your attention fed into those areas of life? Do you love the Brothers and Sisters of Light with whom you come in contact? Is there the honor and the respect of the Flame of God that is present in their life? Himalaya teaches you how to establish the momentums that lead to attainment and mastery, and schools you on the consequences of ignoring the promptings from your Presence of changes required. He states the questions you should ask yourself if you find that your Presence is not flooding into your life. Himalaya desires you to be in his Presence at his Retreat. Inviting you to bathe in his Momentum of the Will of God, Himalaya will reside at The Temple's Altar for twenty-four hours after this Release.