Sunday Service, May 23, 2010
Sunday Service, May 23, 2010

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Discourse: Mastering the Behviors of the Fivefold Life Current delivered by Anointed Representative® Monroe Julius Shearer

Dictation by Beloved Lord Maitreya: How your Life Is Intended to be Lived delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded May 23, 2010

The expressions of your outer self are intended to be glorified as expressions of the Life of your Presence. The one River of Life is really a fivefold current, operating in five distinct expressions. In your feelings, God is in the process of desiring. Your Presence desires to confer the gifts of Love upon creation, desiring one Divine Quality over another in a moment of qualification. The Stream of Life flowing through your mind is God in the mode of thinking concrete Divine Thoughts. In your memory body, your Presence is attuning to one particular Divine Ideal for given time. In your physical body, your Presence is willing, and God is behaving as substance. The fifth mode of behavior is Divine Impulse, God as conscious, intelligent spiritual electricity known as “fohat.” It is distinct from the feelings, mind, or memory. This expression or behavior is the way in which your Christ Consciousness is seeking from within your Heart Flame to animate your four lower bodies. This is where Love is becoming Life. When these attributes are restored to the Divine Qualities, they are no longer mundane, but are the very forces that every Elohim and Cosmic Being use to create.

Maitreya teaches you how your life is to be lived, presenting a Divine Approach. He reminds you of what is expected of you as an initiate on the Path, and explains why you are called to come to the Altar of The Temple frequently without hesitation, reservation, or reluctance: so that you might be reminded of who you truly are and have God’s Light consume any misconceptions about the Truth of your Identity. Never forget that your hands, feet, thoughts, feelings, and every action are intended for your Presence. You will move through life more seamlessly and quickly if you are holding fast to the Presence and recognizing there are lessons to learn and mastery to gain. If you look about yourself and consider what the fruits of your life are, you will become aware of what must be changed. You decide each day how you will satisfy your karmic debt: transmuting it with the Sacred Fire, or walking through that karma in your world. Make yourself available to the Presence. Let your body temple forever be the Presence of God as you live, move, breathe, and become the Christ where you are. Maitreya invites you to the coming Freedom Conclave.<