Sunday Service, May 16, 2010
Sunday Service, May 16, 2010

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Discourse: Glimpses of the Greatest Story Never Told delivered by Anointed Representative® Monroe Julius Shearer

Audio file recorded May 16, 2010

It is very important to your Mastery that you comprehend the real mystery of the Godhead Charioteerís story because only then will you have the correct realization of the Nature and Will of your own Mighty I AM Presence. Only when you truly grasp the possibilities available to you and be able to play the role the outer self must play in order to liberate the unmitigated Action and Powers of the Presence. During the July Class, we will herald those solemn, yet joyful, purposes for which the Divine Incarnation has taken place. These purposes for incarnation are briefly reviewed, with references made to the Godhead Charioteer painting. Through the whole range of human experience, it would be so healing and beneficial if the heart and mind were able to disassociate from the grip of the present moment long enough to realize that every occurrence is part of the story of the Godhead Charioteer in the very real life process of gaining Mastery and Dominion, and examine all the choices being made according to the Destiny the Presence has determined for that Individualization. We will look at the various stages or chapters in the book of life of the Individual Godhead Charioteer but always come back to the Original Blueprint of incarnation, and explore it in more depth during the Acropolis to follow. When the Ascended Masters look at a situation on Earth, They see it in full context. They may see the formative state of the outer self but They also see the Electronic Body of the I AM Presence, the Godhead Charioteer. And when They see the agenda of outer self is the agenda of the I AM Presence, then They fly to the assistance of that Glorious Presence.