Sunday Service, April 18, 2010
Sunday Service, April 18, 2010

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Dictation by Beloved Lady Master Leto: Embrace the New Life You Have Been Given delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded April 18, 2010

You are in the process of making the transition between one world and another. Receiving the Dispensation of the balancing of 10,000 years of your karma has once more returned your consciousness to a greater awareness of what was laying beyond the veils of maya, revealing to you Patterns of Identity of your own Christhood you had long ago forgotten. Leto understands how easy it would be to allow the circumstances of your life to catch you up once more in the old habits. But you have understood the importance of calling forth sufficient Light daily to keep you galvanized in the White Fire Core of Purity that your Heart desires, allowing for the Love of the Heart of the Presence to pour forth from your own Heart. Be wise. Maintain your communion with the Heart of God, and hold in your vision the purified atmosphere for yourself and the entire Earth. Then you will have a continued pouring forth of the Cosmic Currents from the Heart of Elohim and Cosmic Beings to assist you in the purification of the earth body. Let the Heart of your God Presence so flood forth through your life that all you touch, all you taste, all you hear, all you feel is the Purity of God in the momentum of serving God in Life. Let that momentum propel you onward into this New World you have entered.