Sunday Service, March 28, 2010
Sunday Service, March 28, 2010

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Dictation by John the Beloved: Exhibit the Love of Your Presence delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded March 28, 2010

As Love flows from the Hand of your own God Presence through each expression of life that you bear, it displaces and consumes all unlike itself, leaving in its wake Joy, Beauty, a greater appreciation for the Presence. As students of the Ascended Master Teachings, you know that the Presence of God is the Guiding Direction for your life. It is only when you have ignored the Presence of God that you have fallen sway to the unreality of the masses. Let this day be a turning in your life toward the Consciousness of the Christ. How easy this would be if you would put into the Flame of Love your own human creation and substance of unreality. For when that remains in the folds of your garments, it becomes a lightening rod to draw that of like nature to you, creating all manner of confusion to the outer mind. Let not a day go by that you do not invoke the Love of God, as the Violet Flame or the Ruby Fire, transmuting your karma so there are no confusions to disturb or interrupt your constant acceleration in the Light. A Golden Age comes into being when there is the respect and honor of the Christ in all, each striving to anchor and bring forth the manifestation of God about them. Let the Love of your Presence be the action that you exhibit, the energy that flows from you, the thoughts that the mind beholds. Let the Vision that you maintain be one in Christ, one in Love, one in God Good.