Sunday Service, February 21, 2010
Sunday Service, February 21, 2010

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Discourse: The Vast Panorama of the One Presence delivered by Anointed Representative® Monroe Julius Shearer

Audio file recorded February 21, 2010

Anointed Representative Monroe Shearer encourages students to cast down the clay vessel which has encased the Flame on the altar of the Heart, and once more enter into the Mystical Oneness of the Great Presence. White Linen Day is an attempt to encapsulate the infinite within these finite cups of consciousness and is a most worthy endeavor for those who hunger after the Living Presence. When the Chohans enter into communion with the Presence, They share the common appreciation that this Presence is the One Glorious Presence at the root of all creation. The Heart of each Mighty I AM Presence is breaking the bread of Love with every other Presence, and these strong forces of Love given and received through Eternity are the ties that bind. Let your Christ Mind open for you a few glimpses of the vast panorama of the Presence that is ongoing just beyond the veil of mortal consciousness. Various aspects of the One Presence are outlined as well as the distinction between Individuality and Universal Life. When you discover there is a Perfect Pattern in the Mind of God for everything that exists, and you know that Perfect Pattern, you can bring it into manifestation. When you reenter that Divine Mind, you realize there is no randomness or happenstance in life, for the One Universal Paradigm is the product of the One operating upon Itself. Let each one bring to the World Wesak Congress the best fruits of your Heartís Devotion and look to the Hierarchy of the Brotherhood, aligning yourself with the All Pervading Oneness of the Presence that is Ever Present and everywhere Active.