Sunday Service, January 17, 2010
Sunday Service, January 17, 2010

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Dictation by Beloved Kwan Yin: Be a Pillar of Light for Future Generations delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded January 17, 2010

The work you perform at the Altar daily is indeed the highest emanation of the patterns of the Pure Cosmic Law that you can draw forth. Absent your work, how would that momentum touch the delicate Heart Flames of the children. Let these little ones touch a momentum of Christhood so that, for all their days of incarnation, they will be able to draw forth Divine Patterns and the Pristine Consciousness required for the Golden Age. As your journey takes on a new direction straight to the Heart of God, it requires more of the striving of the outer vehicles to be disciplined under the Christ. And though one may have invoked much Violet Flame, many Decrees and Affirmations, your Presence requires continued striving, continued pressure of the Light. Many tests and initiations will come, but you have every talent with which to address them. Perhaps you have temporarily forgotten that you have the Presence of God within you able to step forth at any time and take Its rightful dominion over the affairs of your life. You will never be lost, for the Mercy of the Presence of God is always present. The Karmic Board holds back the pressure of returning karma when you show you are striving to expand the Flame on your Heart and right your outer vehicles. Embrace your life with enthusiasm and anticipation, understanding more of the Truth of who you are so you might be a Pillar of Light for future generations. This will allow others to hold on when their Path is challenging.