Sunday Service, May 10, 2009
Sunday Service, May 10, 2009

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Discourse: Re-Awakening the Divine Vision for America delivered by Anointed Representative® Monroe Julius Shearer

Dictation by the Beloved Great Divine Director: Establish My Temple for the Earth delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded May 10, 2009

Students are reminded of the Ascended Masters who have sponsored America, especially Saint Germain and the Goddess of Liberty. Regardless of the shifting of outer affairs, there still remains behind the scene the Heart and soul of America beating from the Ascended Master Octaves with a resilience of life, vitality and eternal youthfulness that will not be denied. We who are the inheritors of the Truth of the Teachings are poised to bring about the dream of the Ascended Masters for America and then to carry it across the Earth. The Masters would impart to you a spirit of optimism that all things are possible and that you can throw yourself into great enterprises of accomplishment. They would raise in you a Flame that dares to believe it is still possible to inscribe upon life the patterns of a Golden Age civilization and society. In the July class, there will be a calculated association and intertwining between American's destiny, the Ascended Masters, and the Temple of the Presence. It is the Mission of the Temple to be more and more publicly engaged in the marketplace of ideas. Understand that we live in an epoch where there is the raining down by the great Manus of the Root Races the impetus of this Divine Thought. A Vision of God Perfection is needed for individuals, societies, and the world. It is a Vision that will win out because it is impregnated with the Will of the God of very Gods. May you feel that you have an ownership in this Divine Destiny, that you have an investment with the Goddess of Liberty and Saint Germain.

The Manus of the Root Races continue to hold the Earth in the firm embrace of their Consciousness, and where there is a more than ordinary requirement of the Law to be deposited into the conscious awareness of the Sons and Daughters of God, they come to initiate new cycles. You are in the midst of a new cycle, one where the requirement of the Law is that you participate in the fulfillment of the Law. The Flame upon the altar of your Heart desires to be engaged in life, to set before you the Divine Intent of the Presence of God within you, so that you might fulfill every Good and Perfect Desire from the Heart of God. This current cycle is one of great import to the entire Earth. Your calls to the Mighty I AM Presence and the Ascended and Cosmic Beings afford the opportunity for more Dispensations of Light and Christ Consciousness to be poured forth for you to absorb into your life. The Great Divine Director petitions your own Mighty I AM Presence to send Light into your outer vehicles of consciousness to shine brightly and maintain the Light in the Earth! "Let the Perfection of God come forth! Let the Light roll across the Earth as your decrees carry the weight of the Cosmic Christ Command: I AM the Light of God which will not and cannot fail!" For the Masters, there is one temple: The Temple of The Presence of God. Where the Presence of God lives is where that Temple is raised up. "Be ye ready! And establish my Temple for the Earth."