Sunday Service, March 15, 2009
Sunday Service, March 15, 2009

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Dictation by the Beloved Maha Chohan: Let the Desire of God Be Where You Are delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded March 15, 2009

The dawning of each new day brings opportunity for you to excel even further in the Divine Mission of your lifestream. For every embodiment is a part of the Divine Plan to unfold the high Ideals held within the Mind of your own God Presence. This is worth every striving. For throughout your many incarnations you have been lead to certain engagements in life in order to gain enough experience in overcoming and in God Victory to allow you to realize that you are the Mighty I AM Presence in this world of form. In small and great ways, you are given opportunities to test your own mettle. Do you have enough Light within your chakras, holding you in the alignment necessary to meet each day and to be God Victorious in all things? The Threefold Flame of the Heart will always report to you the Christ Ideals and Virtues that are in alignment with the God Qualites of your own Causal Body, dictating the right course, the right action, the right state of mind so that, as you are challenged, you may muster every erg of energy to stand fully conscious and aware that the Mind of God is within you. The key is the Presence charging every cell with new Hope, an understanding Faith, a Courage unrealized before, and a Strength to stand in the whirling acceleration of the Light of God. For where the Light is present, there is always new Victory.