Sunday Service, March 1, 2009
Sunday Service, March 1, 2009

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Discourse: The Nature of Love in Action delivered by Anointed Representative® Monroe Julius Shearer

Dictation by Beloved Archeia Hope: The Covenant of God with Your Heart Flame delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded March 1, 2009

No issue is more important for students than keeping an open Heart, for it is the flow of love through the Heart that sustains the lifestream through all adversities. The Heart is crafted for the supreme purpose of expressing love, and the nature of love is to always flow. The One Universal Presence continually pours itself out to every part of life. This Love is the highest form of expression in all creation. Every part of life exists so that God may lavish every Good and Perfect aspect of the Godhead upon it. Somewhere within the Heart there is a living shoot of love that must express and, until that love pours forth, it is painful to not to be giving that love. The figure-right flow of love between the Individualizations of the Godhead is explained. While your Presence is unaware of any mortal qualities in your world, your Presence does enter into a direct communion with your Heart and your four lower bodies that are in Harmony with the Christ Presence. When you send your love to your Presence, it is received and returned to your Heart. The more the intensity of that Love flows forth, the less you will be intimidated by outer circumstances. One of the greatest gifts you have is the ability to share the Love of your Presence with other parts of life. Love as the foundation of Life is explained. The Temple of The Presence exists to be the instrument of Love for the Masters.

How quickly you are wont to forget how near and dear is the Heart of God. You have been taught to expect the Fullness of the Love of your God Presence in your life. But how do you prepare your own vehicles of consciousness to receive it? One of the keys that has perhaps been overlooked is the ability to maintain Hope. The Archeia Hope stands as the embodiment of the Covenant of the Heart of God with you that your Presence is ever steadfast and will never quit, will never stop loving, will never cease to be in your life. Wherever you may wander, you are always within the gaze of your Presence. Will you make room for God in your life? Will you establish the patterns of the Virtues of the Christ in your day-to-day life? Will you put into the Flame of God the habits you have carried over for many lifetimes? This process is a continual vigil you are to keep. When God is at the core of all you do, the Pure Intent of the Heart will flow unconditionally. Acknowledging your Presence as the Authority and doer allows the currents of Love to flow every moment from your Presence into your Heart.