Sunday Service, February 8, 2009
Sunday Service, February 8, 2009

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Discourse: Reject Appearances, Maintain God Reality, and Overcome the World! delivered by Anointed Representative® Monroe Julius Shearer

Audio file recorded February 8, 2009

To liberate your Presence’s Powers, you must shepherd your thoughts, feelings, and subconscious acceptances so that your attention is not permitted to feed into outer appearances. To what degree are you capable each week of maintaining the sense of God Reality, and the non-acceptance of lesser outer appearances in your life? You must saturate your feelings and soak your thoughts and physical form with Christ Consciousness. When that Consciousness is unveiled through your Heart, you will have an entirely different view as you assess world conditions. The entire momentum of the world’s energies since the fall of man can be overcome by the Light of your own Presence. You are to be the conqueror over death, the consciousness of mortality, and limitation. Your Presence must overcome the world! The pressure of your Presence’s Light must issue with such intensity that it dissipates every particle of mortal substance throughout the planet, taking dominion permanently. In the process, you are not only liberating yourself, but also assisting the Ascended Masters to intercede and atone for the world’s miscreations. The challenge is to never again allow lesser appearances into your world!