Sunday Service, January 11, 2009
Sunday Service, January 11, 2009

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Discourse: You Are the Open Door to Ascended Master Light delivered by Anointed Representative® Monroe Julius Shearer

Dictation by Beloved Lord Maitreya: Continue Your Work in the Light delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded January 11, 2009

Know yourself to be one who has stepped forth from the Source of the spiritual outpouring of Universal Light and Life and Love, the Source of all good things. You have the pressure of the acceptance of yourself as the Mighty I AM Presence. Your Decree fulfills the Law of Octaves, so all of heaven is waiting to pressurize your world with the Emerald Ray, with the full Perfection of Christhood which you are. Whereas your outer bodies are of this earthly world, this is not the case for your Christ Presence. When you can shift your center of attention and feel through the Heart and Consciousness of your Christ Presence, you will rise into the pure ethers of the Buddhic world and find conditions quite different from this world. You can cooperate with your Mighty I AM Presence, utilize the Power of the Emerald Ray, and determine that life as it is now lived in these Perfected Realms shall be the Law of your own experience. It is the determination of your Mighty Presence to bring this Perfection forth into this world of form, and your Presence is keenly engaged in accomplishing your Victory. The more your outer self can live the life and play the part of your Presence, your Presence will respond, and you will have greater achievement. You are turning back time, unwinding the whole spiral of all your embodiments with Violet Flame. As all is transmuted, it is replaced by this Dazzling White Light from the Christ Presence filling your bodies. As you rise in attunement, you will discover that those inner worlds are all-pervading and that the Great Sea of Universal Life is right here.

It is through the office of your own Christhood that you gain the Ascension, for within that Christhood is the Attainment to master all you are required to galvanize. Each of your vehicles is a greater understanding of who you are, of how you are to perform your day-to-day life. It is the Necessity of the Law to draw forth Cosmic Light for Divine Purpose, and this requires the drawing forth of the Emerald Ray. You are ready to perform the alchemy of setting the Emerald Ray in motion in each of these bodies so you might have a greater absorption of the Light of your Presence. As you put attention upon the high ideals of Christ Consciousness, allowing for the precise, exacting, determined release of the Light of the Emerald Ray into areas of your life that require change, you will understand how grand and glorious is the opportunity of embodiment. You are not bereft of Attainment when you come into your very first incarnation. You already had an understanding of each God Quality and how it works. What is missing is how to work with the elemental forces of nature in each of their dimensions to fashion, create, mold and shape the pulsation of the Heartbeat of God through form and formlessness. The Heart has always remained Perfect, always there as a repository to receive each day the offering of your God Presence to keep your vehicles of consciousness knitted together, charged with Light. You have been bathed in the effulgent Light of the Ascended Masters, so you have a co-measurement of what it means to have this Light most physically active all around you. Do not allow one moment to be lost in gaining mastery and Attainment.