Ever Green, Ever Emerald, Ever Dazzling
Ever Green, Ever Emerald, Ever Dazzling

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Ever Green! Ever Emerald! Ever Dazzling!

Teachings to Help You Understand and Operate the Principles of Cosmic Law to Harness Your Presence’s Perfection Via the Emerald Ray’s Alchemical Power!

2009 New Year's Conclave
Held December 31, 2008 - January 4, 2009 in Tucson, Arizona

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Gautama Buddha, Amerissis, Cyclopea, Saint Germain, Angel Deva of the Jade Temple, and more!

Imagine if you mastered the secret science of the Emerald Ray…then all things would be possible, including greater service to your loved ones and the world. Now you can! Here are the most profound Ascended Master Teachings on this alchemical Ray ever to be released publicly! During the 2009 New Year’s Conclave, the Ascended Masters delivered in-depth training on the operation of the Emerald Ray as the Emerald Matrix, revealing how to condense, crystallize, and focus the action of this implacable Ray to precipitate your alchemies. Learn how to lower the Emerald Ray into your world to mold, shape, and transform all your affairs into the true alchemist’s gold of God Perfection, God Good, and God Abundance — and help Saint Germain manifest the Golden Age! Work with the Emerald Matrix, and understand how the adepts heal, multiply, and change life!

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