Christmas Eve Service, December 24, 2008
Christmas Eve Service, December 24, 2008

Price $6.00

Discourse: Let the One Heart Inhabit Your Heart delivered by Anointed Representative® Monroe Julius Shearer

Dictation by Beloved Lanello: Let Your Life Reflect Victory After Victory delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded December 24, 2008

Hopefully, your Heart tonight is doing somersaults in happiness at once again having arrived at the level of awareness we have each Christmas Eve. If your spiritual eyes were opened to the Heaven World, you would see that the Heart of God is making the journey all the way to your outer thoughts and feelings in time and space, ideally to fill them with that Presence. Experiencing this, you can begin to glean what life will be like after the Ascension. It brings a Peace to your personal world. It is a bubbling wellspring of joy and happiness, a dazzling bright Light, a spiritually tangible Consciousness that is Universal Light. As you feel the Consciousness of this Light in your life, there is a sense of rejoicing because your Heart instinctively recognizes that, wherever this birth of the Christ Light radiates forth, it is always Victorious; it always produces Perfect and Good results. You are enveloped by the Love of God, and recognize a sacredness, a holiness in life that reflects the Perfection of that Presence. The Teachings are to liberate your Heart to know its own Divine worth and kinship with the Heart of the One Great Presence. Your Heart is of the same lifeblood as that of the One Presence that unites us all.

To fulfill your Divine Nature, you are called by the Presence of God to come up higher, not giving sway to the unreality of the human conditioning of negativity, of sense of lack, of any form of unreality ? but allowing the fullness of every erg of energy passing through you to be lifted up and express joy, Peace, good will toward all who you are here to serve as the Christ. Perhaps you have not considered you are here to serve the Christ in others, but this is the Divine Office the Holy Christ Presence. Every day is an opportunity for you to put on this Garment of Christhood. Cosmic Law allows for your good deeds to be multiplied. When your Presence recognizes you can be trusted, the pathway to receive more Light is opened wider for you. Consider how you might change the affairs of your life from this day forward to encompass more of the design of your own Divine Plan; more of the Compassion of the Heart that your Presence desires you to give; more of the upraised chalice of your being. Let each page in your book of life reflect miracles upon miracles, Victory after Victory. Let the bells ring out that a Christ is born, and you are that Christ.