Sunday Service, December 21, 2008
Sunday Service, December 21, 2008

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Discourse: Blessings Gained Through Attention Upon the Great Central Sun delivered by Anointed Representative® Monroe Julius Shearer

Dictation by Beloved Omega: We Bestow the Anointing of Sonship to You delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded December 21, 2008

At Christmastide, Cosmic Beings from the Great Central Sun such as the Seven Holy Kumaras, the Nameless One, and Lord Gautama focus their attention upon Earth, directing currents of Love and Light and pouring forth the Secret Love Star. As you allow your own Heart to flow back across the current of their luminous attention, you rise into a higher state of consciousness where wonderful things come to you: the restoration of a lost memory of your exalted Divine Nature and Office; the knowledge of your life through the perspective of your Presence as the Godhead Charioteer; the renewal of your spirit as you feel the limitless currents of the Great Central Sun; the reinvigoration and renewal of your mind and feelings; and the acceleration of your physical body. One of the synonyms for this exalted state of consciousness is the Great Silence. As you weave your Heart’s devotion and your conscious thread of attention and contact, and the Consciousness of these Cosmic Beings comes to meet you, you will forge an indomitable cable of connection that can endure all life’s adversities. Your world can be held in the charged Peace and Poise and Fiery Consciousness that goes forth from the Great Central Sun.

Alpha and Omega bestow the anointing of Sonship to you. This Christmastide, as the focus is on Jesus, Omega asks you to consider for yourself what is expected of you and where you stand in your own mastery and attainment. You came forth to understand what is required to stay the course, to co-create with Elohim, to be responsive to the Angelic Kingdom, to master every situation presented to you. Understanding your responsibilities, why you have incarnated, and what is the goal of life are essential to your daily staying on point with your Divine Plan. Omega asks you to realize who you are, and to accept the Divine Nature of the Presence of God inherent within you. She reminds you that you are never alone, for where that Threefold Flame of your Presence resides, there you have entrée into her Heart, and into the Heart of every Ascended and Cosmic Being that you desire. From the first inception of your Individuality, Omega has watched your development, and will continue to be the guiding star of a mother’s Love that you may look to so that you will not lose your way, but find your way home into her Heart.