Sunday Service, November 30, 2008
Sunday Service, November 30, 2008

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Discourse: The Glorious Mind of the Great I AM delivered by Anointed Representative® Monroe Julius Shearer

Dictation by Beloved Archangel Uriel: Enter the King's Highway and Soar in Consciousness delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded November 30, 2008

This is the season when Cosmic Beings make the journey in Consciousness directly to the doorway of your own personal consciousness. You can experience the One Universal Presence of the Great I AM by attuning with your own Mighty I AM Presence, for your Presence has held unbroken communion with the great Allness of itself. This God of very Gods is actively engaged in every means of enriching your life and the life of all creation. The most important parts of your identity are alive and well and preserved for you in the realm of Perfection. The Plan is to regenerate your four lower bodies; and when you know this, you will be able to cooperate with all that your Presence intends for you. When these bodies are transformed and become the temple of the Most High, they become the reflection of the Christ Mind. And when you are raised into the One Presence, it will be Christmas, Easter, and springtime all year round. As the impetus of the Divine Mind emerges from the Heart of your Electronic Body, descends into your Heart and rises along the spinal altar as the unfurling of the Golden Plume of the Threefold Flame, which is literally the thinking Flame of the Mind of God, your brain cells are fired with this Golden Flame from the Love of the Heart and transferred into your mind as the exalted Consciousness of the Mind of God. Once you understand everything is under the divine direction of the Almighty Presence, which is actively engaged, you are joyful to know yourself as the extension of that glorious Presence in this world of form.

Archangels Uriel speaks as the representative of the Seven Archangels so you will understand that to enter into your Christhood you must serve the Christ in others and give of your Heart Flames, your time, your considerations, holding the balance for those who know not. There can be no unreality entertained in your consciousness when the Holy Christ Presence is firmly engaged as the active vehicle of expression. The Holy Christ Presence emanates the Perfection of the Mind of God that will sow into your outer vehicles the patterns of Christ Identity. You will be compelled by your Heart to share in that wealth of God with all the brothers and sisters searching and divining for themselves as best they can. And you are ministering to these lifestreams by going to your altar daily, invoking the Light of God and of the Archangels. The pressure of life that must bring forth your victories is made by many building a momentum which buoys you up to a higher state of consciousness that is not satisfied with anything but the Consciousness of the Presence. The Truth of the Law is to live in the Light of the Christ. Then all else will fall into the right priority for you. The Archangels will minister to your lifestream in every way, for as you decree and vow with your breath, they will uphold what is divinely ordained by your God Presence. It is time to allow your consciousness to soar to the Consciousness of Perfection in the Ascended Octaves. The more you allow your consciousness to engage in this Christmastide event, the more you will keep this rolling momentum year round.