Sunday Service, November 23, 2008
Sunday Service, November 23, 2008

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Discourse: Cosmic Law is Not Too Good to be True delivered by Anointed Representative® Monroe Julius Shearer

Dictation by Beloved Rose of Light: Birthing the Rose of Your Own Heart’s Love delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded November 23, 2008

Cosmic Law is not too good to be true. The Ascended Masters give you the Gift of the golden Thread of Contact to maintain your world in Harmony and Christ Perfection. Your four lower bodies must be fully engaged by your Heart Flame. Take them in hand and hold them in Perfection. Your Presence is the doer, and as you hold the doorway open to your Presence, the pressure of your Presence’s Light streaming through your thought, feeling, and physical body will flush out everything but Perfection from your world. As you hold more and more to your Presence’s Perfection and your attunement is dialed higher and higher to where you are able to gaze dispassionately through the Buddhic body of your Christ Presence, you will discover there is a perfect world that is ongoing and more real than this outer world. By raising your attunement, you twist the dial of consciousness until you elevate yourself out of imperfection and into the pure essence of the Great Sea of Universal Life. The law of your being has become the Law of your Presence, and by that equation you can inexorably have Light take dominion over your life!

Rose of Light, Chohan of the Third Secret Ray of the Christ Virtue of Sacrifice, gives you a recipe of life that will never fail: as quickly as you recognize unreality in your life, re-galvanize to the awareness of your Presence and flood the unconditional Love of your Heart to your Presence, to the Ascended and Cosmic Beings, to the Angels — and let that current carry you into their waiting arms to return to you in like manner, multiplied by the momentum of their Love, assurance, and comfort. The Law requires you to remember and hold fast to your Presence’s outstretched arms that are holding you in the firm embrace of Love and sending currents of Wisdom as Illumination. Each time you are tempted to fall into the unreality of separation from your Presence, recall quickly the heart of the rose before it is opened: it is a condensation of the most intense Love of God, waiting to be released to bring its Beauty, Joy, and comfort. To leave the unreality of life, you must sacrifice all that you think you are to be in the Flame of Love of your own God Presence.