Sunday Service, November 16, 2008
Sunday Service, November 16, 2008

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Discourse: Manifest Your Presence’s Perfection to Overcome Outer Conditions delivered by Anointed Representative® Monroe Julius Shearer

Dictation by Beloved Serapis Bey: The Law’s Truth Versus the Outer Mind’s Tricks delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded November 16, 2008

Regardless of what occurs in this outer world, or what mistakes your outer self has ever made in this and previous embodiments, there remains at the level of your Presence the fully developed image of divine Identity. It is the thought of God about the Truth of you. Your Presence has conceived and continues to hold the Truth of your Reality and Identity. This image includes the Victory of your Presence as Emanuel, “God with us.” The Law of your Presence is Perfection. Your supreme opportunity is to ratify this Law of your Presence in your own freewill election, to hold on to the patterns of Perfection, and to bring them into manifestation. Your memory body must be consecrated as a temple of your Presence, wherein are to reside only sacred and holy thoughts and attention upon Perfection, becoming part of the Five Virtues of the Christ Presence. Your mind and feelings must be chalices and lenses that can be used as points of anchorage for the Light Rays from your Presence to be leveraged throughout your world. When the intensity of your Presence’s Light attaches itself to your outer world, this is where you can perform miracles!

The Chohan of the Fourth Ray, Serapis Bey, known as the Great Disciplinarian, holds to the patterns of the Perfection of God Reality for you. He presents instruction on how to have the Flame of God burn brightly in your life, the first step required for your Victory in manifesting the greater alchemies and science of the Emerald Matrix. Serapis teaches that holding your attention upon the Ascension allows you to put everything in your present life into perspective. He also cautions against the human ego and the tricks the outer mind will play in many areas, such as thinking that one can improve upon The Teachings of the Ascended Masters, writing decrees and overlaying The Temple’s Decrees with one’s own human consciousness — and then giving these decrees to others. Mark well any vestige of the human ego that would have designs on maintaining control and charting the course of your life. Sincere students of Ascension’s Path are in the process of changing that alliance and are allowing the vehicle of their mental body to be that passive receptivity to their Christ Mind to cognize and fashion, flashing thoughts of Perfection from God’s Mind into their outer vehicles to respond as the Christ Virtues.