Sunday Service, October 26, 2008
Sunday Service, October 26, 2008

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Discourse: Rejoice in the White Fire Core of Perfection delivered by Anointed Representative® Monroe Julius Shearer

Dictation by the Beloved Goddess of Purity: Purity Will Accelerate Your Consciousness Into Mastery and Attainment delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded October 26, 2008

Throughout time and space there is a great Decree of Perfection, like a shaft of lightning running throughout Creation. Long before it was Ascended Master Perfection, it was Perfection flowing down from the White Fire Core to the depths of every form and outer appearance ó the absence of any quality other than Perfection. All outer appearances are built upon this White Fire Core of Perfection. It is the Divine Right of your Presence to rule and to demand that Perfection come forth from anything less than Perfection in the denser subplanes of the outer world. Your own Presence has the Authority to speak to the universality of itself in that White Fire Core and send forth the Purity of Electronic Light to swallow up all imperfection. See that White Fire Core rising up and becoming like a milk bath of dazzling White Light that dissolves away all the effluvia around that lesser appearance. Then the White Fire Core can re-emerge as newly created life in perfect form. If you want your Ascension, this is a fundamental discipline that you must practice if you are to disengage from the mass karma of the world.

Revealing that her Retreat is in the Etheric City over The Templeís altar, the Goddess of Purity instructs you on how to gain Attainment and Mastery. She states the momentums that you are intended to draw forth: to break the conscious momentum of unreality and move within the Purity of your Christ Presence; to hold to that Purity and keep your gaze on Godís Heart; to study the very countenance of your Presence as you practice the Christ Virtues, sowing the seeds of the Truth of the Law; to not allow your gaze or habits to be drawn into unreality; to be receptive and grateful for what is given to you by God; to radiate the Light of the Sun of your own Presence; and to turn away from unclean areas of life. When you stop negative momentums, retrain your consciousness to have the vision of God Perfection, and re-establish momentums of Purity, you will see how quickly your Christ Presence announces to you the Presence of God at work. The Goddess of Purity invites you to sit before the Flame of Purity, breathing it in, before both The Templeís physical altar and the altar of her Retreat directly above.