Sunday Service, August 31, 2008
Sunday Service, August 31, 2008

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Discourse: Practicing the Release of Ascended Master Light delivered by Anointed Representative® Monroe Julius Shearer

Dictation by the Beloved Goddess of Liberty: Cultivating Expansion of the Light delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded August 31, 2008

Monroe Julius Shearer outlines the course of study for the forthcoming Acropolis Sophia, which will be on Ascended Master Light. What is Ascended Master Light? How does it get to be Ascended Master Light? How do we learn to operate these principles of the Law with our Mighty I AM Presence? Only those who have stood in the Presence of an Ascended Master can know what this Light is. This Light is so All-Powerful that it becomes the only thing in expression. The Ascended Masters have reunited the mortal aspects of themselves with their own immortal Electronic Body so that it is no longer mortal flesh, but Fire. These bodies cannot be misqualified by human miscreation. This Ascended Master Light enables the Ascended Masters to know themselves to be an unbroken, undivided concentration of the Oneness of the totality of the Presence of God. There is the sense that your Presence is the Source of a limitless artesian well, and everything you require can be drawn forth from this Source. Ascended Master Light is a tangible Substance. It is the overwhelming experience of the giving and receiving of Love with this one great Presence. This and much more is what students may look forward to at the coming Acropolis Sophia.

How often you ignore those thoughts so carefully conveyed to you by the Mind of God, thinking you could not know the way to implement them. But you, as the Holy Christ Presence of the Light of God, know the way, for you have garnered increments of mastery throughout your incarnations. It is important for there to be enough creative energy given each day to forging a communion with the Mighty I AM Presence so there can be greater portions of Light filling your chalice. Once you cultivate this expansion of the Light, things that once were confounding come to you with greater ease. This is a formula for embodying the Holy Christ Presence wherever you are. Receiving the Light of Ascended Master Consciousness establishes an awareness of Light in your own vehicles. The Masters come to set an example so that as you absorb more of their Light and Consciousness, you will desire that Light and come to know it is inherent within your own God Presence. When you are specific with the Ray of God Consciousness needed to fulfill life’s necessities, you are gaining in the mastery necessary for you to receive your own God Presence in that Oneness of the Ascension. When you have proven you know how to be responsible and take authority over your life in a just and loving manner, your own God Presence enters into your world with a floodtide of Light that cannot be denied.