Sunday Service, August 24, 2008
Sunday Service, August 24, 2008

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Discourse: Your Presence Operates as Your Holy Christ Self delivered by Anointed Representative® Monroe Julius Shearer

Dictation by the Beloved Goddess of Liberty: How to Know and Make Room for God delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded August 24, 2008

Where you place your attention is of paramount importance! For in time, where you put your attention is where you will find yourself. Wherever your attention goes is like a hose dispensing the flow of your Life into that area. This is a two-edged sword, bringing you either Freedom or bondage. In the control of your attention, you have a Power that can become the pivot point of your lifeís experience. You may direct the shuttle of your Heartís devotion and attention to the Heart of your Presence and then back to the world of form, weaving a cable of Ascended Master Light and Substance that is shifting you from this outer world into where your attention and your Heartís treasure is now kept ó in the glorious attention to your Presenceís Perfection. But if you allow your attention to be riveted on the astral sea, you will find yourself sinking into the mass consciousness. You have the choice to align your energies with the Ascended Masters and roll back the onslaught of mortal consciousness, not allowing the Golden River of the Helicon to recede out of manifestation while one more civilization destroys itself by its appetites and iniquities.

Declaring you are under the canopy of the Light of her Torch of Liberty wherever you reside, the Goddess of Liberty expands her Light to shine within your God Presence as an expansion of Consciousness to impart to all Godís children. Stating that it is most important for you to understand these Teachings, she instructs that you set an example for the world, just as the Masters convey the Truth of the Law by example ó and as Vibration and Consciousness. You who know how to invoke the Light of God are charged with the Responsibility as the exercise of the Christ Virtues to invoke sufficient Light to deal, first and foremost, with your own personal world, and then the world at large that needs your assistance. The Ascended Masters look to those faithful who have understood the charge and Responsibility to make the call, to invoke the Violet Flame, to invoke change. The Goddess of Liberty schools you on understanding what it means to be Free and to live in God Love, on what allows you to stand God Free, on how your lower vehicles are intended to behave, and on exercising the Christ Virtues.