Sunday Service, June 15, 2008
Sunday Service, June 15, 2008

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Discourse: The Ongoing Action of Creation delivered by Anointed Representative® Monroe Julius Shearer

Dictation by Beloved Lanello: The Importance of God Obedience delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded June 15, 2008

The Ascended Masters desire you to know that if the Creator were not actively engaged in the process of creation from moment to moment, Creation would not be sustained. This ongoing action of creation is sustained by the internal Fires of the Love of Godís Heart for all of Creation. Understanding this, you begin to glimpse the infinite possibilities open to you to direct some of that creative energy to produce the miracle of Perfection and transformation in your life. The Pink Plume of Love and Compassion is the engine that drives this entire universe on. Through the alliance of your Heart with the Heart of God, you may stimulate that Heart to begin to create in wonderful ways that can affect you. Your role is to give the call and to authorize the Presence to be the doer, to engage the action that is taking place at the level of the Presence. The Will of God is supreme and desires to bestow the very best upon every single part of life. The Golden Plume is the Mind of God that, at this very moment, is conceiving, holding, and nurturing patterns of Perfection. The formula of Attainment outlined by the Ascended Masters for us is to invoke the Light of that Presence, to complete the Law of Octaves, and to let all within the world of the Presence saturate and permeate our universe. Disengage your thoughts from the harshness of the outer world and put your Heart in the hand of your own God Presence.

The Will of God demands obedience. As the Chohan of the Great Pranic Breath of the Air Element, Lanello knows well the requirement for God Obedience. You are given many trials throughout your incarnations to learn how to give that obedience. Your past karma and the associations of life all weigh into the fabric of your present incarnation. This is why the Ascended Masters have deemed it necessary to give you an understanding of how to deal with your returning karma. That karma creates a magnet to draw you into certain initiations so that you might make the wise choice. But will you have clarity of consciousness to recognize the inner voice of the Presence? It matters not how many incarnations you have, but that you are firmly fixed in the embrace of the Will of God. When you are in the Presence of the Mind of God, that Mind charts your course, making the decisions that make up the fabric of your life. Your God Presence desires only that the Presence of God to be where you are. For there to be obedience, there must be Love. For you cannot love when you are filled with fear; and where there is the absence of Love, there cannot be obedience. Unless there is honesty with who you are, first and foremost to yourself, you cannot truly know the Presence of God. It is up to you to determine if there is obedience to God in your life.