Sunday Service, May 18, 2008
Sunday Service, May 18, 2008

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Discourse: Be Always Moving Toward Your Presence delivered by Anointed Representative® Monroe Julius Shearer

Dictation by Beloved Kwan Yin: Change the Course of History delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded May 18, 2008

There is so little Ascended Master Consciousness in the world that there are few points of reference. The Masters give their own Consciousness and Light so that permanent progress can be made by the students. When Ascended Master Consciousness is allowed to soak into the mind, the mind becomes peaceful and begins to pour forth perfect thoughtforms of the future. In the feeling world, Harmony is re-established; and in the physical, an Electronic Circle of Purity and Perfection is established. How can a lifestream who has had the sublime attunement with their Presence be satisfied with lesser expressions of life? Individuals are either moving toward realization of their Presence or moving away from it. The purpose of life is to raise up a new Ascended Master, a Divine Individuality intended to go on and on through eternity. Every lifestream must be able to sustain Harmony in their feelings, Perfection in their mind, right action and right speech, and to become the upraised bridge for the Christ and Electronic Body. In order for this to happen, the Presence must have the attention of the outer self, and no other god must come in between. Climb to your own Presence and hold to that attunement.

Coming together as an Ecclesia, there is an exact science that must be upheld. It requires timeliness, precision, and exacting Truth to be called forth. When the Masters desire to have a collective Fire released into the Earth by invocation and Decrees, by Service to God in life, and it is timely to accomplish, they call upon their most sincere and devoted students ? those who have applied the Law and stayed the course, constantly turning attention to their own Presence. You have proven lifetime after lifetime that you can stay the course, that you have what it takes to apply the Law. It is no small matter to have the Karmic Board come to you and enlist your assistance. You understand that when the call goes forth to enter into a release of Light, it is for just cause. This is why the Karmic Board has addressed you today. Kwan Yin has come so that this Message would be preceded by enough of Mercy’s Flame that it will calm and transmute any unreality that might be fed into your calls. Then when you take up the Fire of the command of Light, it will be from a position of Strength, Courage, and God Determination ? and you will know that the Victory is already won. It has been determined that those who have been taught to connect with their Mighty I AM Presence have within them the ability to call forth sufficient Light to transmute and change the course of history.