Sunday Service, May 11, 2008
Sunday Service, May 11, 2008

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Discourse: Championing the Christ Child delivered by Anointed Representative® Monroe Julius Shearer

Dictation by Beloved Archeia Faith: Give Birth to Your Holy Christ Presence delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded May 11, 2008

In order for the Christ to come forth, there must be profound levels of Harmony and Purity, well-being and prosperity. Mary and Joseph had a resolute determination to surround their home with Harmony, with a forcefield charged with Light and Fire and the Vibration of the Consciousness of Perfection and Purity not of this world. It was a proper angelic atmosphere where not only could the outer consciousness mature naturally, but where the plumes of the Christ Flame could begin to unfurl. This is the charge we have accepted for this Activity we shall be a Temple in which shall live the most High Living Presence of God. This Activity has resolved to recapitulate the Ascended Master Way of Life as lived in the Retreats. We have taken this stand so you may dare to have the Faith to believe in the full realization of your Christ Identity and Ascension. The Masters have seen that where there is a protected forcefield and the Heart races to embrace the Path, the Christ Child steps forth and rises up in the full Conscious Christ Commanding Presence. Within your Electronic Circle, you are a king or queen of your own realm. Decree that your Electronic Body be in expression throughout your life, and that will mark the beginning of your Ascended Master Way of Life.

The Archeia Faith notes that you have sufficient Faith to motivate your energy to make room for the study of who you are; but from time to time, there are interruptions interjected by all manner of disturbances you allow to go on in your life, and you have slid into a consciousness less than that of your True Identity. You are comprised of all of the God Qualities bestowed upon you by your God Presence. The purpose of incarnation is to give birth to the Christ, to allow the Christ to perform those good Works fashioned from the Mind of God, and to take all of that momentum into the Causal Body at the closure of an incarnation. Then at the appointed hour, when the Presence has determined you have finished your Work, your Heart Flame ignites a Fire that accelerates you into the Ascension. Students of the Teachings realize that when you put your attention upon the Heart of your God Presence, all things are righted in your life. When you begin to give birth to your Holy Christ Presence, you have the co-measurement that allows you to recognize one vibration from another. Then you know what you must do to allow more of the Light of your God Presence where you are. The Light of God is all about you. Receive it. Take it in and know that it is who you are.