Sunday Service, May 4, 2008
Sunday Service, May 4, 2008

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Discourse: Relinquish the Human and Enter Divine Realms delivered by Anointed Representative® Monroe Julius Shearer

Dictation by the Beloved Great Divine Director: Attend to the Divine Direction of Your Presence delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded May 4, 2008

Today the Ascended Masters address the contrast between human consciousness and Divine Consciousness. Human nature has separated itself from the Godhead and the Will of God. At this stage in history, most humans have lost the vast Power they once had. If more Power is given now, will it be directed into the expressions of the outer ego or will it attune to the Will of the Presence and quiet the voice of the outer self? This is a fundamental issue for the Ascended Masters. We should emulate the example of Jesus, shifting the center of our sense of gravity from the action of the outer self to the action of the Mighty I AM Presence. A Golden Age requires a supernatural exercise of the Divine Light of the God Presence by unascended lifestreams. The challenge for the Ascended Masters is to raise lifestreams mature enough in their own Christhood to check the impulse of mortal thought and feeling and allow the Voice of the Presence to prevail. Each one must find the ability to no longer identity with the voices of the outer self and instead give expression to the God Presence. One cannot rise to the level of the Christ while hemmed in by the human ego because the Divine Realms are levels of awareness where one's own personal identity is viewed from within the context of Universal Selfhood. Only by surrendering the outer ego can you break the mortal sense of separateness and be free to participate in the profound Allness of Being that exists at the level of the Presence. Your Mighty I AM Presence is your permanent foundation, the freewill expression of Individuality intended for a Golden Age.

The Great Divine Director holds in his Consciousness the patterns and blueprint of your Divine Plan that are to come forth in your outer consciousness. Far too many are buffeted about by the morality of the times, ignoring that which is lodged within the Secret Chamber of the Heart that reports from time to time to the outer bodies patterns and Vibrations that should be heard, felt, and followed. As you enter into communion with the Light of your Presence more frequently, you discover a sharp delineation between what is real and what is unreal and you begin to establish a new pattern of your own morality. Then you begin to understand what it means to walk with God and allow your hands and feet to be congruent with the Will of God, the Heart of God, and the Vibration of God. You have more Attainment in your Causal Body than you realize. For all of the good Victories and Attainment you have garnered are deposited there, available for you to draw upon to fulfill your Divine Destiny once you understand Cosmic Law. Your Individuality is not lost in the Ascension but is transferred into the One Consciousness of the I AM Presence. Those attending this Dictation have had enough of the realizations of the Flame upon their Heart to magnetize to them the Consciousness and Fire of the Great Divine Director. It is a Fire that transfers to every level of your being your Divine Direction. But will you attend to that Direction?