Maitreya's Ruby Ray Redemption
Maitreya's Ruby Ray Redemption

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Maitreya's Ruby Ray Redemption

Teachings to help you re-establish conscious contact with your Christ Presence and master the intense Power of the Ruby Ray to create a New Golden World!

2008 Easter Conclave, March 19 - 23, 2008, Tucson, Arizona

With Addresses by Maitreya, Jesus, Elijah, Vesta, Goddess of Liberty, and more!

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Imagine — all negative personal and planetary karma and unreality washed clean by a fiery whirlwind of God’s All Consuming Love! — all humanity living life in Joy and Harmony, happy and free in a purified world, as their Christ Minds lovingly control their four lower bodies! Here are the Ascended Master Teachings you need to make this a reality for yourself and the whole world. Learn how to unleash the Power of the Refiner’s Fire of the Ruby Ray in the Ruby Ray Redemption Ritual. These Discourses and Dictations give you intensive training on this alchemical science to help you master this blessed action of God Love that will bring Divine transmutation and healing wherever needed — for you, your loved ones, your nation, elemental life, and the entire Earth — and help birth the Golden Age! A brand new world is waiting!

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