Orpheus' Song - The Golden River of the Muses
Orpheus' Song - The Golden River of the Muses

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Orpheus' Song - The Golden River of the Muses!

Ascended Master Teachings

2007 Freedom Conference, July 4 - July 8, Tucson, Arizona

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Some refrains linger down through the ages, obscured for a time perhaps by lesser melodies, but nevertheless ringing through the spheres for those who have ears to hear. Such is Orpheus’ Song. This eternal hymn will unlock for you the mysteries of God — The One — and prepare your consciousness, being, and world to receive the Golden River, the Mighty Helicon. Armed with the conscious awareness of your inherent Divinity and the desire to be the Mind and Heart of God in Action, you will be daily forging your Path toward the Ascension. If you long for union with your Presence, the revelations in this album are essential for your inspiration, study, and meditation. Let your journey begin NOW! Open your consciousness and receive the Music of the Spheres. Nine Dictations are included.

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