Acropolis Dictation, April 13, 2007
Acropolis Dictation, April 13, 2007

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Dictation by Beloved El Morya: Open Your Heart and Run Toward God delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded April 13, 2007

Morya instructs that Sacrifice of the Heart means giving of the essence of the Threefold Flame of the Heart. Ascended Master students cannot fear change; for absent change, there is no Ascension to look forward to, no Christ Consciousness to make room for. As you let down the guard around your Heart, you find that an enormous Radiance of God Love streams forth. You have permeated the mundane aspects of life with the touch of God; and instead of running away from God, you are running toward God. These Words will become yours when you enter the stream of Cosmic Law consciously, knowing you are in that action that is the Law of your Being.