Sunday Service, March 18, 2007
Sunday Service, March 18, 2007

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Discourse: Attaining an Unbroken State of Attunement delivered by Anointed Representative® Monroe Julius Shearer

Dictation by Beloved God Harmony: Resound the Tone of Your Presence delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded March 18, 2007

Beginning with the words of “The Lost Chord,” Monroe Shearer explains that we are to live in an unbroken stream of Purity and Harmony. There is an impetus within the Electronic Body that gives us the wherewithal to achieve an unbroken state of attunement with our God Presence. Sandwiched between two conflicting worlds, we are compelled to resolve the issues of life either via the mechanisms of the Presence or by mortal means. Those electing the Path of Ascension need to solve life’s problems using the tools outlined by the Ascended Masters. There must be a shift from the agenda of the outer self to the agenda of the Individual God Presence. When you are able to accomplish this shift, the Lights Rays of your Electronic Body are brought to bear in the personal affairs of your life. The Masters strive to connect you with the subtle grasp of what it means to live and move and have your being within the outpouring of your own God Presence into every single part of your life. As you understand and practice this ideal, you will be able to travel to the Heart of the Great Central Sun without leaving your own Heart and be everywhere along that line in an unbroken circle.

God Harmony reminds us that all Creation comes forth by the Sound, the Vibration, and the pulsing rhythm of the heartbeat of God. The time will come when you must generate the Tone of your own inner Being into this realm you know as the outer life. You must be able to bring that Vibration forth quickly and sustain it through all manner of occupation. When your consciousness is open to having God in your life, the Allness of God is ready to leap into action to assist you. By opening your Heart, you receive more than you have given. And each time you give of the Heart, the multiplication of what you receive from your own God Presence is expanded. It is the pattern and Divine Ideal for each Son and Daughter of God to embrace the Mighty I AM Presence into their life, to have the resounding Soundless Sound constantly reverberating through their life, setting in motion every Divine Plan. When you stand in Harmony constantly, you are ready for all of your vehicles to instantaneously respond to your own God Presence.