Sunday Service, January 21, 2007
Sunday Service, January 21, 2007

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Dictation by the Beloved Maha Chohan: I Conduct You Into the Realms of Akasha delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded January 21, 2007

As he conducts you into Akasha, the Maha Chohan teaches you about the process of mastery required to enter the gates of gold of your own Higher Self and to traverse the Realms of Light. He stresses that as you know who you are and allow that knowledge of the I AM Presence to be your rock, and when you begin to explore for yourself this vast world of the I AM that you are — then the door will open. But it requires Constancy in holding fast to that inner core of being. This Great Lord also instructs that in pursuing mastery, you will desire as often as possible to transmute your returning karma by the Violet Flame. He strongly admonishes you to hold fast to the reality of your being and no longer procrastinate in becoming the One you are to become in this life — the One who holds attention upon your own Presence, transmutes karma, and charts the course of your Divine Destiny! Elevate your consciousness as quickly as the Law allows so that the timetable for the descent of Light for the Earth may be stepped up.