Going Home
Going Home

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Going Home to the Land of the White Fire Sun II & Bringing Home Here

Teachings to Help You Return to the Heart of Your God Presence

2007 New Year’s Conclave & the following Acropolis Sophia class, Dec. 28 - Jan. 8

2 DVD downloadable set of audio files for playing on your computer or iPod

Yes, you can go Home again ─ back to your true Home in the Land of the White Fire Sun. During the 2007 New Year’s Conclave, the Ascended Masters expanded their Teachings on entering into the Heart of your I AM Presence. Allow the Masters’ Consciousness to enter your own and begin your homeward trek. This album also contains Releases from Bringing Home Here, the Acropolis Sophia that followed, and includes Instruction from four Manus of the Root Races. With the encouragement and guidance of these august Beings, your thrust homeward receives an unprecedented impetus!

Study These Teachings and You, Too, Can Take the Journey of a Lifetime — The Journey to Liberation Taken by Each Master Now Ascended! The Only Passport Required Is Your Heart Flame! Restore Your Divine Memory and Travel Home to the Heart of Your Own God Presence in Nirvana!

After the Divine Bliss of Your Visit Home, Learn How to “Bring Home Here” to Your Physical World. Listen and Discover How to Make Your Personal Life into the Image of the Divine. Then Heaven And Earth Will Become One for You as You Yet Walk the Earth While Abiding at Home in the Heart of Your God Presence!

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