Sunday Service, November 11, 2006
Sunday Service, November 11, 2006

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Discourse: Returning Home to the Heart of Your Presence delivered by Anointed Representative® Monroe Julius Shearer

Dictation by Beloved Lady Master Venus: Strive to Become More of the Nature of God delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded November 5, 2006

Your genesis is in the individualization of your Presence, which is the Source of your identity that is blooming upon the Altar of your Heart. It is part of the Ascended Mastersí plan that there be restored to you the unbroken stream of conscious awareness that is the nature of your Presence and your Holy Christ Self ó the sense of your Divine Origin of having come from the Heart of the Great Central Sun on this grand mission. As glimpses of your Divine Inheritance are restored, you are no longer merely your four lower bodies, but you are actually putting on the garments of your Presence and Christ Self, assuming that mantle not just as a leap of Faith, but as a natural estate. You will carry a natural Poise, for you will begin to resonate with all that history that is yours in the Heart of your Presence. As you open your Heart, the homesick sense for the Heart of your Presence can spur you on the Path. You can resolve that you will go home in this embodiment in the Ascension. You can make that election this day!

Lady Master Venus comes in the Love of God so that you will have a greater appreciation for the nature of your own Presence. She speaks to you as the sojourner striving to return Home, revealing that Home is the Heart of God. Explaining how to experience more of your Divine Estate, Venus instructs you on the nature of life, stating that as your Heart reveals more of its Divine Nature, you discover lifeís true nature. When you desire to become more of the nature of God, then you know you have entered into the stream of Love of Godís Heart ó for the fabric of your life reflects it, all that you touch becomes it, and your creative nature expresses your own Presence of God in every pattern and dimension. Venus mentions the importance of striving, for in the striving, in the desire for transmutation, the pure Love of God is revealed. When you plumb the depths of your Heart to reveal the White Fire Core, you discover the Allness of God. Venus announces the coming of the Secret Love Star during the 2007 New Yearís Conclave.