Sunday Service, May 28, 2006
Sunday Service, May 28, 2006

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Discourse: The Safe Transfer Of Power From Your Presence delivered by Anointed Representative® Monroe Julius Shearer

Dictation by Beloved El Morya: The Sapphire Dream I Have For You delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded May 28, 2006

Your transformation from a mere mortal into one possessing the Godlike Qualities of the Ascended Masters requires a conferment of spiritual Power transferred from the Ascended Master Realm by your Presence and Holy Christ Self. It takes immense Power acting in the figure-eight caduceus action to accelerate your four lower bodies until they vibrate so rapidly that they are drawn back to the Presence. There are certain challenges for this safe transfer of God Power inherent within the Sapphire Dream of your Presence for you. Just as Jesus passed through the temptations in the wilderness, your outer self, too, must go into the Flame. You must overcome the tendency to see all life through the lens of self-concern, shifting your attention to your Presence and putting the Will of your Presence first. As you put down your outer self and enthrone your Presence, you do service not only to yourself but to the world by fulfilling the strategy of the Masters to identify those Sons and Daughters of God one by one who can be raised up and conferred with superior Power by connection with their Presence and the Ascended Master Octave.

In yet another landmark Release by El Morya, He instructs you on what is necessary to achieve the transfer of God's Will and the Power of your Presence into your life, along with the accomplishment of your Divine Plan. The Chohan of the First Ray attests to the Truth of the Law that there must be the surrender of your outer consciousness and the entertaining of your own divinity for there to be the transfer of that Will. El Morya teaches that when there is enough Love for God, and an appetite for the things of God, then that hunger draws closer the Holy Christ Self and then the Presence into your life. For the true understanding of this Dictation, El Morya invites you to petition His Office to attend His Retreat, so you might galvanize the appetite and taste for the Will of God and bring that remembrance back each day until it is firmly fixed in your consciousness, and you want only the Will of God. This is the Sapphire Dream El Morya has for you! The Chohan of the First Ray awaits your coming and prepares the place.