Cry Freedom's Cosmic Light
Cry Freedom's Cosmic Light

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Cry Freedom's Cosmic Light!

Teachings to help you claim your independence from human limitations and enter the immortal Freedom of your Divine Self

Complete Set of Audio Files of the Freedom Conclave that was held June 29 - July 4, 2005

These can be played on your computer or Ipod.

Claim your independence from human limitations and enter the Immortal Freedom of your Divine Self. Wash away all your cares in the great Cosmic Light! Learn to invoke this Light to elevate your Consciousness, balance your karma, and gain greater mastery over the planes of matter. Discover and fulfill your Divine Plan and ultimately gain your Ascension!

The Temple of The Presence presents Teachings directly from the Ascended Masters on how to invoke and anchor this Cosmic Light, and then use it wisely to create the greatest good possible for your own life, the lives of those you love, and the entire world. Create your own Golden Age of One, which will help manifest the Golden Age of Saint Germain for all on Earth — making our planet Freedom's Star!

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