Ecce Deus II - The Incarnation
Ecce Deus II - The Incarnation

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Ecce Deus - The Incarnation

Teachings to help you connect with the Greatest Source of Love, Wisdom and Power in the Entire Universe — Your Own God Self — and Discover and Fulfill Your Divine Destiny

Conference held in Toronto, May 27 - 29, 2005

There is so much more to yourself than you have ever dreamed. Despite the appearance of human foibles and limitations, your true identity is Divine! You are God Individualized, and within your Heart, here and now, exists the Allness of the Godhead! The Temple of The Presence presents 10? hours of Ascended Master Teaching which reveal the much sought-after Secret of Life: how to connect with your Divine Self, your God Presence, and fulfill your Divine Destiny by becoming God-Realized — just as the Ascended Masters have done. Let these Ascended Beings bless you with their limitless Love and Light, and instruct you on how to attain life’s greatest achievement — the incarnation of your God Self, which leads to your Ascension in the Light!