Sunday Service, May 1, 2005
Sunday Service, May 1, 2005

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Discourse: Do Not Settle for Anything Less Than Your Presence delivered by Anointed Representative® Monroe Julius Shearer

Dictation by Beloved Serapis Bey: The Ascension of John Paul II delivered by Anointed Representative® Carolyn Louise Shearer

Audio file recorded May 1, 2005

Your challenge is to remain tethered to your God Presence while finding your way through the mental and emotional human creation enveloping this planet. It is one thing to have the temporary connection to your Presence during Conferences. But on the path of Mastery, you must learn to sustain this Attunement as a new life and a new world for yourself for the balance of your incarnation. If you will not settle for anything less than the fullness of your Presence and its limitless Glory, then your human ego will not fall prey to and be sustained by the flattery which causes you to be in duality. You will not need a guru outside your Presence, and you will not be taken in by false imposters of the Ascended Masters.

Serapis Bey, Chohan of the Fourth Ray of Purity, comes to salute the Ascension of Pope John Paul II, now the Ascended Master John Paul the Great, and to instruct you on the discerning of spirits. Stating that you are called upon to know the Heart and Vibration of this new Ascended Master, Serapis explains what is needed for the Ascension using Pope John Paul II's life as an example. Serapis reminds you to give the Violet Flame and to enter into your daily devotions, for when there is a departure from that which resonates within your Heart, you lose your way and do not know how to discern masquerading entities. This is why the Ascended Masters send forth these Anointed Representatives - so that there will be the touchstone in the Earth of the Masters' Vibration and the record of their Voice in the Earth.