Celebrating the Sacred Fire
Celebrating the Sacred Fire

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Celebrating The Sacred Fire

Audio DVD of Teachings to Help You Transform into a God-Realized Being

Teachings from the Spring 2005 Acropolis Sophia on the preservation of the Sacred Fire, March 28 – April 3.

You have the right to know what will bring you everlasting Freedom! Learn the secrets of the Adepts — how conserving, guarding and guiding the “White Lightening” of your Kundalini Fire will sweep you up in the ultimate bliss of the Divine Alchemical Marriage — and transform you from a mere mortal into a God! The Temple of the Presence presents over 10 hours of Ascended Master Teachings to help you unlock, sustain and elevate the Creative Life Force, the Sacred Fire, throughout your physical, emotional and mental bodies, resulting in: increased health and well-being; enhanced vigor, vitality and mental clarity; expanded creativity; stronger willpower; clearer personal direction; Freedom from doubt, fear and guilt; and lifelong happiness!

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